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monipol is proud to be the driving force behind the Across Alliance, an international partnership that brings together five European CROs which actively operate in twenty European countries. Founded in 2005, the Across Alliance enables pharmaceutical companies to seamlessly conduct clinical studies on an international scale, guaranteeing the following:

Superior quality and reliability: Across Alliance staff work in accordance   to stringent, international standards (ISO 9001 International Project Management System), which guarantee the provision of reliable and clean data from any of the involved countries.

Timely and cost effective delivery: sponsors can take comfort in the local expertise and knowledge of investigators, investigational sites, registration authorities and Bioethics Committees. In conjunction with our international experience and quality management, this eliminates redundancies in international studies and enables Across Alliance members to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Personal service: dedicated lead CRO to coordinate trial across geographies and serve as client contact.

Due to such approach, Across Alliance is able to conduct international clinical trials on behalf of sponsors in several countries, using the experience of local CRO's regarding investigators and investigational centers, state clinical trial registration institutions and Bioethical Commissions.Current members of  the Across Alliance include: Clinical Trial Service B.V. (The Netherlands), Dokumeds (Latvia), ICTA (France), Pharmnet (Czech Republic) and monipol (Poland and  Germany).

Please visit the Across Alliance website for more information: